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As we are not doctors or health professionals, we are not claiming to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases or illness. With that being said, many mushrooms have been used for hundreds or even thousands of years for their purported health benefits. We have compiled a quick and easy to read article, helping you decide which mushroom or blend of mushrooms will be best suited to your individual needs.

Everything depends on your own personal preference. If you are looking for specific targeted support, such as immune support, then you may be best choosing an individual mushroom product (such as Turkey Tails for immune support). Mushrooms have however been shown to work synergistically, so for overall, daily health and support, a mushroom blend may be the best option for you.

We have a variety of delivery methods to suit both your needs and lifestyle. Whilst some people already incorporate a number of tablets and capsules into their daily supplement regime, making capsuled mushroom supplements an easy addition, for some taking capsules daily can be either a difficult task or just something they don’t like doing. This is where the other delivery methods come into play.

● Capsules

Vegan capsules are the most widely used form of delivery for medicinal mushrooms. They are also often the cheapest options on the market.

● Tinctures

Tinctures offer rapid absorption and ease of use, with a bottle that easily fits in your pocket and can be added to any drink of your choice.

● Gummies

If you are put off by the earthy taste of mushrooms then all is not lost. There are now amazing tasting mushroom gummies, which means that even the fussiest of pallets are now catered for.

● Teas

If you want a tasty option but sugar is something that you are keeping to a minimum then our range of mushroom teas will be perfect for you.

Whilst we recommend taking most suppliments early in the day, this is purely a personal preference. Some products, such as Cordyceps offer an energy boost and so it is often recommended to avoid taking Cordyceps products in the evening. Every person is however different and some customers report taking cordyceps in the evening with no ill effects.

There is not enough medical evidence one way or another to support that mushrooms are either safe or unsafe for consumption by children or women during pregnancy. We always like to fall on the side of caution and so we would not recommend that our mushroom products are used by children or pregnant women.

All of our mushroom products have a reasonably long shelf life and come with a best before date attached. We would never recommend storing capsules, gummies or tea blends in the fridge or freezer, however tinctures can be stored in the fridge for longevity if you plan on using the tincture over a long period of time. The alcohol content of the tincture is usually enough to keep the product safe at room temperature.

All of our mushroom supplements are totally free of animal products.

You have to keep in mind that every single person metabolises and digests compounds at different rates. On top of this each delivery method has a different rate of absorption, with tinctures being absorbed the quickest. With that being said, some mushrooms such as cordyceps offer an energy boost that should be felt as soon as they are absorbed, whilst mushrooms that offer immune or cognitive support may take some time to be noticed.

Research suggests that lion’s mane is useful in the support of a number of functions, including; cognition, sleep support, nerve support and immune support.

Some people with a history of allergies should consult their doctor before taking lion’s mane supplements. If you have any known mushroom allergies we would not recommend taking a lion’s mane supplement.

Research suggests that Turkey Tail mushrooms have incredible benefits when it comes to immune support. PSK, one of the main active chemicals in Turkey Tails, is actually an approved adjuvant cancer treatment in Japan.

Although no major interactions have been noted, some users have reported mild adverse reactions, including; heartburn and chest pain. With that in mind we would recommend that anyone with underlying health conditions should consult their doctor before adding these supplements to their diet.

Cordyceps mushrooms have proven energy boosting abilities. They are best used for people who are looking for a natural energy boost during the day, or alternatively for those looking for an extra boost before exercising.

In some circumstances cordyceps have been known to slow blood clotting. It is not recommended to take cordyceps in conjunction with blood thinning medication. As a result of this it is recommended that you should stop taking cordyceps two weeks before any surgery.

Research suggests that reishi is great for overall health support and can help with a whole host of issues, including; cognitive, immune and digestive troubles.

Whilst negative reactions are rare, it is recommended that people who are suffering from; blood disorders, low blood pressure or who are undergoing surgery soon should avoid reishi mushrooms.

Research suggests that chaga can have a host of benefits including support for; digestion, immune function and blood sugar balance.

Due to a potential increased risk in bleeding, it is recommended that Chaga supplements are stopped at least two weeks before any surgery.


You might find things rather confusing when trying to choose which type of CBD will be right for your own needs. As its name suggests, CBD isolate is a pure form of CBD devoid of any smell or taste. The product is usually over 99% pure and comes without any of the other chemicals that make up the cannabis/hemp plant. Broad spectrum CBD keeps many of the other beneficial chemicals in the plant, whilst removing all of the THC, whilst full spectrum CBD keeps all of the chemicals within the plant and will include a very low level of THC (which is still within the legal limit). If you would like more information on which CBD product would be right for yourself then please read our article, which should answer any questions you may have on the subject.

The choice between e liquid or 510 thread carts is all down to personal preference. E liquid is a more affordable option that is great for someone who is used to a traditional vape but would like to cut out the nicotine. The 510 thread options offer full spectrum CBD distillate and are in our opinion the most effective CBD solutions. If you are looking for a realistic alternative to cannabis then look no further than the 510 thread cartridges. With added hemp or cannabis terpenes they offer a flavour that can rival real cannabis.

CBD dosages are always down to personal preferences. They completely depend on past experience (tolerance), along with what your aim is from taking the CBD. We always recommend starting slow and building up your doses incrementally.

There have been no recorded overdoses of CBD and the amount you would need to take to ever overdose makes it virtually impossible. It is easy, however, to vape more than you need (as you may be used to a vape pen that gets you high, which this will not). We recommend taking 2 or 3 pulls at a time before putting your vape down and waiting to redose.

It is impossible to ‘get high’ from CBD. THC and its derivatives are the chemicals within cannabis that are psychoactive and actually get you high. Whilst some CBD products do contain a very low level of THC it is never enough to feel ‘high’.

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