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CBD Products


CBD Products

At Greenhaus we have chosen to carefully hand pick a small selection of what we consider to be the best CBD products on the market. Through meticulous research and testing, along with detailed product write-ups, you will discover a range of premium, industry-leading CBD products that can be easily matched to your own medical needs.

Our CBD product range gives you the power to choose both exactly how you would like to comsure your CBD, whilst making sure you can easily navigate towards the benefits you are looking for. The range we have on offer includes; oils, gummies and capsules for oral consumption, balms and bath salts for external use, along with vape carts and juices for smokers looking to switch over to CBD. There are a number of UK CBD products, along with a small range of imported products from some of the best CBD producers in the world.

Whilst we are not medical professionals and so are not claiming that our CBD products will cure any diseases, there are a host of recorded benefits that people have reported from CBD use. Making sure you chose the right product for your own needs is important. For this reason alone we have compiled an easy to read CBD guide, to help you with this choice.

Our range of oils and consumables are the simplest way to take your CBD and have a range of benefits, including; anxiety relief, pain relief and sleep aid. We even offer a number of products that are specifically chosen to target consumers who struggle with sleep. Our topical products help with a whole host of conditions, including; muscle pains and skin complaints, such as eczema and dermatitis. The vape products we have on offer start from entry level vape juices through to the highest quality, full spectrum CBD distillate on the market. Vaping CBD can help with anxiety relief but is especially useful in curing smoking cravings.

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