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cbd oils


CBD Oils

CBD oils were the first CBD products to make an impact on the UK market. They are the most simple to use products we have on offer, usually coming with a dropper for ease of consumption and dosing. The oil is a CBD extract, which is usually either mixed with a drink or is placed under the tongue, with the dropper, for faster absorption (this is known as sublingual absorption). The oils are often flavoured with botanicals both for taste and to further boost their effects.

CBD doses vary depending on the strength of the product, however we always recommend starting slow and building your dose as you feel fit. Most CBD oils come with a specific dosage calculator, with some actually featuring dosing levels on the dropper itself.

With that being said, there are still a whole host of different oils, varying both in strength and chemical makeup, with some containing isolated CBD and others instead containing broad or full spectrum CBD and so the full range of chemicals that are contained within the hemp plant. It can be difficult to understand and so choose which CBD oil will be right for you, however at Greenhaus we are here to help guide you in that decision.

Quality is always our first priority when choosing the brands we want to stock at Greenhaus, so we tried and tested a number of leading UK CBD oil stockists/producers to make sure our consumers will never have issues with inferior products. We have also written a comprehensive guide to the three different types of CBD oils on the market (isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum), if you would like some more detailed information on the products.

Whilst we are not making any specific medical claims, there are a whole host of reported benefits of using CBD oil. The primary uses for CBD oil are for easing pain, anxiety and insomnia, however some users claim a wide range of further benefits.

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