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cbd vapes


CBD Vapes

CBD vape cartridges and liquids are the most popular products within the CBD market, offering a great alternative to smoking or vaping nicotine-containing products. We have a wide variety of CBD products on offer, ranging from CBD vape liquid, to all in one pens and high strength distillate cartridges.

The CBD vape liquid is an entry level solution, great for any consumer who is used to a traditional nicotine vape. We have both a 100mg and 300mg option, both of which can be added to any normal vape mod for ease of use. There are also a variety of flavours to suit your personal preference.

Our all in one pens also have a number of options, ranging from our disposable CBD FX pens, which are the cheapest option on the market, through to our Harmony Tempo CBD Starter Kit. The Harmony kit is our most popular option and is our mid range choice, for those who want an easy to use, refillable option, that is a more permanent solution to our disposable pens.

Finally we offer a range of 510 thread vape cartridges, that are our most comprehensive and effective CBD vaping solutions. The cartridges contain full spectrum CBD distillate, which contain the full range of chemicals that the hemp plant has to offer. Infused with either natural, hemp or real cannabis terpenes, these cartridges offer an effect and taste unrivalled by any other pens on the market. These pens are most effective for those looking to cure the cravings of smoking cannabis. Please bear in mind that you will also need to buy a 510 thread battery, such as the Vessel Series or Yukon Uni batteries.

Dosages vary depending on which cartridge you choose, along with the effects you are hoping to achieve. As CBD will never get you high, we always recommend starting slow, taking a two to three pulls before assessing if more is needed. You should feel a sense of calm after using our carts, however you will never actually feel high or stoned.

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