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Natural Supplements


Natural Supplements

At Greenhaus we have chosen to carefully hand pick a small selection of what we consider to be the best natural supplements on the market. Through meticulous research and testing, along with detailed product write-ups, you will discover a range of premium, industry-leading natural supplements that can be easily matched towards the benefits you are looking to achieve.

You might even find yourself asking the question of what a natural supplement is? Natural supplements consist of any product that contains no synthetically made ingredients. Natural supplements may come in an extracted form, however to be considered natural it must contain ingredients that are not created in a lab but instead those that are naturally occurring in the world we live in. For thousands of years, civilisations relied solely on natural medicines and supplements to solve medical problems and for daily support. In the last 100 – 150 years there has been a total change in medical approaches, with the explosion of the pharmaceutical industry, society has often forgotten natural medicines and instead now relies solely on synthetic mediations.

Synthetic medicines, which actually often use natural medicines as their precursors, are now being exposed for their potentially harmful reactions and their often lack of ability to actually cure the problems that they are meant to be helping with. This is most prominent when it comes to complex issues such as mental health and gut health, where pharmaceuticals are compared to placing a plaster over the wound, without ever actually healing it. As such, natural supplements are now making their way into the mainstream again as people lose faith in the pharmaceutical industry, instead looking for their own alternatives and solutions. Cognitive function, mental health issues, gut health/immune response, natural energy boosts and even skin conditions are just some of the reported functions that are most successfully treated through natural solutions.

Our natural supplement product range gives you the power to choose exactly how you would like to consume your supplements, whilst making sure you can easily navigate towards the benefits you are looking for. The range we have on offer includes a wide range of products for oral consumption (oils, tinctures, gummies, teas and capsules), along with moisturisers for external use. There are a number of UK produced natural supplements within the range, along with a small line of imported products from some of the best producers around the world.

Whilst we are not medical professionals and so are not claiming that our natural supplements will cure any diseases, there are a host of recorded benefits that people have reported from supplement use. Making sure you chose the right product for your own needs is important. For this reason alone we have compiled a number of easy to read herbal and mushroom guides, to help you with this choice.

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