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Gut Health


Gut Health

Keeping your gut full of healthy bacteria is something which is essential to a strong immune response. Your gut bacteria interacts with immune cells and directly impacts your immune response. The body contains more bacteria than it does cells. Whilst most bacteria are good for your body, some are bad and keeping a proper equilibrium of good to bad bacteria is essential for keeping your body healthy.

The gut microbiome is the central hub for much of the body’s bacteria, helping you break down food into nutrients for your body to use. High levels of certain types of bad bacteria within the gut microbiome have been known to cause diseases such as; IBS, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Diseases. The gut and its bacteria is responsible for much more than just what goes on within the gut and can be an important factor in many common issues throughout the body.

Research suggests that the gut talks to the brain and an imbalance in your gut microbiome can affect both your emotions and the ways in which your brain processes information, with changes to your gut balance being suspected of causing depression, anxiety and chronic pain. It can even cause crossed signals in your brain as to whether you are hungry or full, with researchers thinking that this could be linked to your pituitary gland and so diseases such as obesity. Heart health is also affected by bad gut bacteria buildups, with foods such as red meats causing increased levels of bacteria that promotes cholesterol buildups. This same bacteria can lead to chronic kidney disease if an equilibrium is not restored in the gut.

At Greenhaus we have carefully selected a range of natural supplements to specifically target and improve gut health. We have both blended and single supplement products, along with a number of mushroom and herbal supplement guides to help you easily navigate towards the product that is right for you. From capsules containing maitake and shiitake blends through to turkey tail capsules, individual mushroom tinctures and even mushroom blends in gummy form, at Greenhaus, we have your gut health covered.

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