Bristol Fungarium Lion's Mane Tincture

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Lion's mane is the ultimate brain food. Used for daily focus, Lion's mane is an amazing supporter of brain development and nerve function, due to its neurotrophic properties. The Bristol Fungarium Tinctures are the only UK grown, certified organic, medicinal mushroom extract. The bottle contains the equivalent of 12,400mg of dried lion's mane mushroom in a 50ml bottle, offering an extremely potent formula.

- Certified Organic
- Made in the UK
- Extremely potent formula

- Take up to 4 full pipettes (4 ml) daily. 
- Each pipette contains 1ml of liquid which is the equivalent of 248mg of dried mushroom extract. 
- We recommend starting with a low dose, mixing the tincture with a drink. 

12,400 mg of Herecium Erinaceus (Lion’s Mane) mushroom is extracted into each 50 ml bottle. This is a dual extract, utilising both distilled water and 30% grain alcohol, which is used to break down the non-water soluble chitin cell walls, ensuring you are receiving all of the beneficial compounds from the mushrooms.

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