Cordyceps Tincture


30ml tincture containing 1000mg of organic Cordyceps Militaris mushroom extract. Cordyceps are the perfect natural energy boost. A great alternative to coffee and other caffeine-rich products, cordyceps a great morning, afternoon or even pre-work out boost. 

- Great natural energy booster.
- Industry leading ultrasonic-assisted extraction methods to ensure optimal bio-availability.
- Kappa guarantees that only fruiting bodies are used, making a huge difference in potency levels.
- Each batch is third party tested for heavy metals and microorganisms.
- Sustainably sourced, Kappa strives to keep Finnish arctic forests alive for generations to come.

- Take up to three full pipettes (2 ml) daily.
- We recommend starting with a low dose and mixing the tincture with a drink.

1000 mg of organic Cordyceps Militatis mushroom extract in each 30 ml bottle. Cordyceps work by increasing maximal oxygen uptake in our body by increasing ATP availability. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is essential in energy delivery throughout our muscles and is the reason for cordyceps’ energy boosting properties. Each bottle contains 25% alcohol, which is used to break down the non-water-soluble chitin cell walls, ensuring you are receiving all of the beneficial compounds from the mushrooms.

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