A pipe, like you’ve never seen it before. HØJ have specifically designed The KØL 2.0 Pipe for a smoother overall experience. From their pioneering micro-channel cooling design, through to the revolutionary magnetic opening and cleaning mechanism, you know that no details have been forgotten. Let dirty, harsh pipes become a thing of the past with The KØL 2.0 Pipe.

- Designed to last a lifetime, the pipe is the easiest on the market to clean and comes with a lifetime warranty
- Sleek and stylish finish that would look at home in any set up
- Sustainability is a core value of the company. From the aluminium pipes to the cork packaging, everything is recycled and reusable.

- Take your pipe out of its box and snap open to give it a quick clean before first using it
- Whilst the pipe can be used straight out of the box, we always recommend cleaning it first, in case of any remaining particles from manufacturing or travel
- Once dry, make sure the screen is properly in place before loading your ground herb
- Simply light and toke slowly until your herb has turned to ash
- To clean the pipe, utilisise the magnetic mechanism by opening the two halves of the pipe
- Easily clean the pipe in your sink, with your other pots and pans or simply wipe clean if in a rush

Made from anodised aluminium and held together with rare-earth magnets, The KØL 2.0 Pipe features; vortex cooling filtering technology and thermoconductive cooling for a smooth hit every time. The pipe has an ergonomic design and magnetic assembly for easy cleaning. It measures at 5.9’. 

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