Leaf Supply: A guide to keeping happy house plants

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A beautiful and practical book on choosing and caring for over 100 easy-to-find houseplants, as well as inspiring plant styling advice and much more.  Leaf Supply profiles and provides comprehensive (but easy to follow) care instructions for 100 houseplants―including tropical plants, palms, hanging plants, succulents, cacti, and more unusual varieties such as air plants and carnivorous plants―ensuring you learn and grow as your plant grows.

- This is a comprehensive guide for any budding green thumb interested in greening their apartment or inside their home.
- Leaf Supply also gives interior styling advice on choosing the right pots for your plants, as well as best utilising your space, making the most of your indoor greenery.
- The book gives advice on pet-friendly (as well as harmful) plants for your home.

- Follow the comprehensive guide to help you choose and care for your house plants.
- Perfect gift idea.

A 256-page, beautifully presented hardback book, forming a comprehensive guide for any budding gardener to both set up and look after their indoor garden.

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