Ally Lockable Storage Solution

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A simple solution to safely keep off-limit products away from wandering hands. Featuring an; airtight seal to lock in smells and freshness, an easily set 3 digit personal code and a removable tray for easily organising your accessories or rolling your next masterpiece, The Ally Lockable Storage Solution is the perfect way to upgrade your daily rituals. The box is food, fridge and freezer safe and is both BPA and PVC free.

- Simple solution to safely keep off-limit products away from wandering hands
- BPA and PVC free
- Beautiful design that would look great displayed in your home

- Set your code as per the instructions in the box
- Make sure to make a note of your code as the box cannot be reset if you forget it
- Open the box and place your chosen food or medication inside
- Lock the box using your personalised code
- Feel free to place the box in the fridge or freezer as required
- To clean your box please refer to the instructions card inside

Lockable food-grade storage solution that is ideal for your life's medicine, whatever that may be

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