Nikki Hill Ashwagandha Root Organic Tincture

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Ashwagandha root is an exceptional plant that has a wealth of benefits, including helping thyroid function, reducing stress, boosting energy levels and even improving attention and memory functions. This organic tincture from Nikki Hill Apothecary contains a potent an effective formula.

- Great for a natural energy boost
- Helps anxiety and sleep
- Stress-relieving and calming
- Supports thyroid function

- Take between 1 - 5ml up to 3 times a day, mixed with water or juice.
- Do not use ashwagandha root if you are breastfeeding or have an acute infection.

Organic tincture made by using 1 part herb to 2 parts liquid. The tincture contains a high concentration of 500mg of herbal extract per 1ml. Alcohol concentration of 25 - 45%

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