Plant People Advanced Immune Power Capsules

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60 vegan capsules containing a clinical-strength formula, used for mood and immune support. The ultimate tool for vitality with herbal nootropics, mushrooms, and adaptogens. The product contains five certified organic, functional mushrooms, astragalus and Vitamin C.

- Great for daily mood and immune support
- Doctor Formulated solution
- Lab tested and gluten free

Take 2 capsules up to 3 times a day

Each jar contains 60 capsules. Each serving of two capsules contains 1000mg of herbal ingredients. Each capsule contains; Organic Chaga Sclerotium Extract (Inonotus Obliquus), Organic Maitake Fruiting Body Extract (Grifola Frondosa), Organic Reishi Fruiting Body Extract (Ganoderma Lingzhi), Organic Shiitake Fruiting Body Extract (Lentinula Edodes), Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract (Trametes Versicolor), Organic Astragalus Root Extract, Vitamin C


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