Portable BudKup Gen 3.0


To make your vaporisation experience even easier, Pax offer their portable, reusable BudKups, to pre prepare your herb for easy vaporisation wherever you are. These reusable capsules can be filled with up to 0.35 grams of flower, are constructed from medical grade stainless steel and function as both the herb container and screen at the same time. The capsules can be pre-loaded with dry herbs for safe transport and are easy to both insert and remove.


- Improves the airflow of your toke and increases the surface area by 170% resulting in a better vaping experience and quicker heating time
- Great for on the go use
- Use straight out of the box

- Grind your herb, loading up to .35 in the BudKup
- Insert into the Pax heating chamber
- Toke as normal, cleaning the chamber with iso alcohol when you are able to

Food-grade stainless steel. For use with flower only.
Sold as set of 3. Includes 2 BudKup removal tools.

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