Komuso Rose Gold Shift Anti-Anxiety Necklace

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Medication-free anxiety relief. Komuso Design have created a stylish and whisper quiet pendant to help those suffering with anxiety, by controlling and slowing their breathing. Most people don’t notice how they breathe, with shallow breathing being a proven cause of anxiety and panic attacks. The Shift pendant was designed specifically to control breathing, allowing for a ten second exhale to; slow down your heartbeat, decrease your blood pressure and stress hormones and loosen your muscles. Relieve anxiety and panic attacks in style, with the polished stainless steel pendant and chain in rose gold.

- Shown to reduce anxiety in weeks
- Designed by a therapist, endorsed by psychotherapists
- Stylish and durable for everyday wear and use
- Inspired by Komusō Monks, who have used these techniques, in Japan, since the 17th Century

- Inhale deeply through your nose, filling your stomach with air.
- Take this time to notice your thoughts
- Gently exhale through The Shift for 8-10 seconds to release all of the air and toxins from your body
- Relax your jaw and shoulders after the exhale, focusing your thoughts on your breathing
- Repeat the breathing cycle 5 times to activate a sense of calm

After discovering that Japanese Monks have been harnessing the power of their breath to achieve states of Zen for hundreds of years, the idea for a modern solution to this problem was born. Scientific research shows that when you’re restless, your breath gets shorter which tells your brain to prepare for fight-or-flight. By slowing your breath, you send a signal to your nervous system, letting it know it can calm down. The Shift was created through two years of testing and development, before the perfect fit and feel for controlling breathing was found. 

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