Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge Lighter


A refillable petrol lighter. The Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge lighter has been an iconic product within the Tsubota range for over 60 years.

- Focusing on function above all else
- Made in Japan
- Great looking hand held device

- Simply open the lighter and strike the flint to create a flame. 
- To refill the lighter you will need to;

Remove the base of the lighter from its case
Turn the lighter upside down and open the felt strip along the bottom, to reveal
the cotton
Soak the cotton with lighter fluid several times, letting it dry each time (do not
use butane)
Once the cotton turns grey and will not take any more liquid the lighter is full
Close the felt tab and clean the lighter of any remaining lighter fluid
Place the lighter back in its case, ready for use

- Iconic hard edge refillable petrol lighter
- Design-led luxury smoking and lifestyle accessory
- Tokyo-based brand producing a hand crafted and unique design

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