Yew Yew Mint Green Wavy Pipe



Inspired by the movement of waves in the ocean, The Mint Green Wavy Pipe has been designed to look as amazing as it hits. Each bowl packs around 4 - 7 hits so it's the  perfect companion for both group and solo use. Why smoke from anything, when yew can smoke from a sculpture? Yew Yew is made to be displayed. 


- Beautiful design, changing the mould of modern smoking
- Created to be shown off and not hidden away
- Perfect for both solo and group use

- Fill the bowl with your herb of your choice
- Cover the carb hole and light the herb, inhaling until the chamber is filled with thick and creamy smoke
- The pipe is designed to be used without a screen/filter
- When ready, take your finger off the carb hold and inhale to clear the chamber
- Each bowl should be good for around 4 - 7 hits
- To clean; soak the pipe in hot, soapy water. You can alternatively use isopropyl alcohol

The pipe comes in at 3" L x 1.75" H x 1" W, features a carb hole to clear the chamber and is the perfect pocket sized companion.

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