The World of High End Glassblowing

The idea and perception of a BONG is usually a crusty plastic or metal pipe, filled with unclean, mouldy brown water, with an unkempt stoner toking on the end of it. Just like with cannabis itself, the world of glassblowing and bongs couldn’t have undergone a bigger revolution. 

We're here to talk you through the evolution of one of the newest cannabis trends, high end, luxury glass, that can only be considered as pieces of art.

It all started with cannabis extraction roughly 10 years ago. Once the oil was properly extracted from the cannabis flower, it became a smokeable, or more newly popular, in a vapeable format. The glass industry was in a race to develop new contraptions, along with easier and more luxurious ways of consuming. In contrast to hiding away your cannabis accessories people finally wanted to show off the rarities that they had acquired.

As cannabis enthusiasts developed new extraction techniques, from basement experiments, through to lab grade, artisanal products, the vessels for vaping them have also changed and developed throughout the years. When you’re spending upwards of £100 on just one gram of extract you expect a true flavour experience. Consumers don’t want the experience to be tarnished by consuming it from a plastic, unwashed pipe. Brands such as @710labs and @ahtihash over in the States created a new market for the “sophisticated stoner.” Providing only the cleanest and very best of solventless extracts to be smoked.

@710labs premium extracts

Photo courtesy of @710labs

Although entry level bongs and dab rigs (the name given to bongs used for cannabis extracts) do still exist, they are certainly becoming a thing of the past. This means the market for Glassblowers is on the rise. The reality now is that Glass Blowers are able to market their own products through avenues such as social media, gaining big followings and fame. Creating not only dab rigs but the quartz ‘bangers’ used to vapourize the extracts. The evolution of new products is constant, with quartz bangers going for over £1000 in some cases, auctioned off as exclusive pieces of art.

High end banger by @binarybanger

@binarybanger - a true piece of art - these bangers cost hundreds and always sell out instantly

World famous glass blowers, such as @trevymetal, @roseroadskojima and @original_gongster now have over 200k followers between them and are able to offer pieces to exclusive buyers during invite only events, something which is usually more akin to the art world. You can’t simply just message them or walk into a shop and buy one of their pieces. With some of their accessories, such as marbles costing upwards of £1,000 and their full sized dab rigs reaching upwards of £50,000, it’s easy to see why glassblowing is becoming so popular throughout the world.

Exclusive glass by @original_gongster

@original_gongster with an exclusive piece, worth around £50,000

Not only are these pieces exclusive but they are also extremely expensive. Often costing upwards of £50,000, more than the cost of a deposit on a decent sized house. With celebrities such as Seth Rogan, Wiz Khalifa and Action Bronson now becoming actively involved in glass collecting, the hype is really gaining momentum.  Action Bronson was reported to have spent over $20,000 on just one piece recently, ushering a new wave of acceptance for not only cannabis but the intricate art involved, creating a desire to show off and not hide the exclusive flower and accessories you are able purchase.

Exclusive Glass by @roseroadskojima

@roseroadskojima shows off their incredible dot-work glass pieces - with a growing glass scene in Japan