What is CBD Distillate?

What is distillation?

Distillation is an ancient method of extraction and purification that uses a process of heating and cooling to separate specific chemicals from a starting material. Often used traditionally in essential oil and petroleum extraction, the method had been adapted specifically for cannabis extraction, both from the hemp and cannabis plant.

Evidence of early methods of distillation can be found in Aristotle’s writings, as far back as the fourth century BCE, when he wrote that “Seawater can be made potable by distillation as well as wine and other liquids can be submitted to the same process.” Some researchers however say that there is even evidence of primitive distillation methods as early as 2000 BCE. 

Whist early distillation methods utilised stills and collection chambers, various more complex methods of distillation have evolved over centuries, with laboratories now making use of modern equipment, employing techniques such as vacuum distillation, steam distillation, and fractional distillation, to create tailor made extracts to suit consumers demands. 

How is CBD Distillate made?

The process for CBD distillation is a rather complicated one, that first involves using a solvent, such as ethanol or high pressured CO2 to separate the cannabinoid containing trichomes from the starting hemp plant material. This produces a dark, crude CBD oil, which still contains many undesirable plant materials, such as chlorophyll and lipids. A further process, known as winterisation removes these materials, by soaking the crude CBD oil in ethanol and leaving it in freezing conditions for 24 hours. Once completed, the winterised product is filtered and then heated in a process called decarboxylation, activating the remaining cannabinoids. The CBD oil is now ready for distillation, so that the individual compounds found in hemp can be separated for further formulation.

The individual compounds found in the hemp plant have many different boiling points. Extractors take advantage of this, using a method known as short pass or fractional distillation to purify the crude CBD and isolate the many compounds found in the plant. Under pressure, a boiling flask is used to heat the crude CBD oil at very specific temperatures, whilst a magnetic stirrer continuously agitates the oil. The compounds become separated and form a vapour, once they reach their respective boiling points. This vapour then rises and passes through a cooling coil to reform it into a liquid, in a separate collection chamber. 

Different collection chambers are used to collect each separate compound and to filter out any further unwanted materials. Several passes are also usually performed at varying temperatures to ensure that all of the varying compounds can be collected (this is also how most of the psychoactive THC is filtered out, keeping the product totally legal). This ensures that CBD distillate will not get you high. After the extraction is complete you can add together the known compounds that you want to keep to produce a tailor made formulation to suit both the consumers needs and any regulation requirements.

Why choose CBD Distillate over Isolate?

Before reformulation, CBD Distillate could be considered an isolate, as each compound has been isolated and separated, with a very pure form of CBD remaining. The biggest benefits of CBD distillate, however, come from the inclusion of further beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, which have also been collected and are usually reintroduced to the pure CBD distillate.

Whilst still a theory, the idea, known as the entourage effect, states that the best benefits of cannabis oil are felt when the hundreds of chemicals contained within the plant are consumed at the same time and so can work together synergistically. 

What is CBD Distillate used for?

CBD Distillate is most commonly found in vape cartridges, as it produces a viscous final product that is great for vaping. Products such as topicals and oils usually utilize other types of CBD, which can also be full or broad spectrum.

Is CBD Distillate right for me?

With so many different CBD products on the market it can be extremely difficult to decide which product is most suited for your own needs. At Greenhaus we recommend CBD distillate for those consumers looking to get the full range of benefits available from hemp products. We see the distillate vape carts as the connoisseur’s choice, offering, in our opinion, the most calming effects, along with a flavour profile unrivalled in other CBD cartridges.

CBD Distillate at Greenhaus

If you are interested in CBD distillate to your daily routine, then we have you covered at Greenhaus. Vape carts are the main source of CBD distillate, with a host of options available at Greenhaus;

The High Kind 510 thread vape cartridges are the connoisseur’s choice and has been our personal Greenhaus favourite from the first time we tried their products. Each cartridge contains the distilled cannabis oil from 5G of CBD Hemp Flowers and either the terpenes from 2.5G of CBD Hemp or Cannabis Sativa Flowers (The artisan cartridges contain carefully crafted botanical terpenes, instead of the hemp or cannabis sativa terpenes). Their single use cartridges are easily attached to one of our Vessel or Yukon Uni Pro Batteries for a discreet but permanent CBD vaping solution.

The Infused Amphora 510 thread vape cartridge approaches the CBD market from a different perspective. Instead of trying to replicate cannabis flavours or producing the most potent oil on the market, Infused Amphora focuses on the user and the benefits that they are looking to gain from the product. The cartridges pair high quality 20% CBD distillate with natural terpenes, that specifically target certain aspects of wellness. The result is a well thought out and crafted cartridge that is in our opinion the smoothest available cartridge on the market. With a range including peace, inspire and mend, Infused Amphora aims to expertly guide you towards the cartridge that is right for you.Their single use cartridges are easily attached to one of our Vessel or Yukon Uni Pro Batteries for a discreet but permanent CBD vaping solution.