What is the best way to take your CBD?

With all the different ways for you to consume your CBD, here at Greenhaus we want to help you find the method of consumption best suited to your daily routine.

*Health concerns and bioavailability are always two big factors in our product choices and they form the backbone of this guide.* 


Topical ingestion may not be the most bioavailable route of CBD administration, however it has become an extremely popular and important part of many of our customers daily routines. From first aid ointments and skin condition treatments to face creams and daily moisturisers, CBD is the perfect addition to many holistic skincare products. Browse our selection of CBD topicals here.

Oral Ingestion 

Poor bioavailability has for a long time been a major issue within the world of CBD. Orally ingested CBD must first be processed by your stomach, so it can be an ineffective route in terms of both onset and bioavailability, with most users receiving just around 10% of the CBD they actually take. Some studies actually place this figure as low as 6% or as high as 15%. The onset for oral CBD can be up to 2 hours and the effects felt one day can differ to those felt the next, from the same dose. Oral ingestion is recommended for more casual CBD use, where exact dosing is not as important as when dosing for specific medical conditions. Browse our selection of CBD edibles / capsules here.


Sublingual absorption refers to the administration of a substance through the mucous membranes under your tongue. CBD tinctures, along with various other CBD products recommend this method for optimal effects. Many users either ignore this advice, or more realistically don’t understand the importance of sublingual absorption. Many of the sublingual products that we stock are CBD tinctures, which come with a dropper specifically designed for dropping under your tongue. The tincture should be held under the tongue for up to 30 seconds, instead of being swallowed for proper sublingual absorption. Whilst this method still only offers users around 20% bioavailability, the process bypasses the stomach and so a rapid onset is felt within 10 – 15 minutes. Dosing is more consistent and as there is no combustion and the CBD is usually taken raw or with a carrier oil, we recommend sublingual CBD as the healthiest method of CBD consumption. Browse our selection of CBD tinctures here.


Vapourisation is definitely the new kid on the block. A healthier alternative to smoking, vapourisation offers the highest bioavailability rate, along with the fastest onset of consumption. Research on CBD bioavailability is still slim, however results can be found, varying between 35 – 50%, showing that even at the lowest end, vaped CBD easily surpasses the availability of orally or sublingually ingested CBD. The onset is also the most rapid, as the CBD is absorbed directly into your bloodstream through your lungs. Whilst we understand some consumers want to steer clear of any sort of inhalation, preferring our tinctures and topicals, at Greenhaus HQ, CBD vapes are definitely our preferred method of consumption and are a great alternative to smoking during the day. Browse our selection of CBD vapes here.


Some old school tokers still like the idea of smoking their CBD. CBD flower is something that is available on the UK market, however due to low bioavailability and the amazing range of vaping products now available, it is not a viable or healthy choice for Greenhaus.