4 ways to create a CBD routine

It might be unsurprising that a consumer insight report noted that 63% of millennials who experience stress use CBD at least once a week to manage symptoms. Since CBD has become a tool with which to practice looking after ourselves there are many aspects of our lives we can enter it into our routine.

Building a routine requires an element of willpower but adding CBD can be easy with the right products. Whether you like to exercise in the morning, treat yourself to a mid-afternoon snack or want to sleep better we recommend some different ways you could incorporate a bit more chill into your day:


Start the day right and use a CBD massage oil to target your stiffest spots and do some gentle stretches. As a topical product, using CBD oil can help to loosen the muscles and ensure a slow release throughout the morning. Other experts recommend taking sublingual CBD at least 30 minutes prior to a yoga session.

A daily stretch keeps muscles flexible and strong – and it can help undo the effects of an uncomfortable nights sleep, exercise and work. Building this into your routine is a good way of relaxing both body and mind.

Sip n Snack

Adding a CBD tincture to your morning coffee can be a great way to kickstart the day. Go with an unflavoured tincture to avoid any earthy tastes. There are also lots of snack options – from gummies to chocolate – that offer an opportunity for building in a mid-afternoon break.

Before bed, why not try drinking a hot tea infused with CBD, which is a great way to unwind. Either look up recipes (like this one for Ginger Orange CBD Tea With Honey), or add some of our CBD One Absorb water soluble CBD to your usual beverage.


Treating your skin can be a great way to show some self love – and build a product into your morning or evening routine. Choosing a skincare product with CBD in will also mean benefitting from anti-inflammatory qualities, that can reduce acne, eczema and redness in the face.

You could also go luxe with body butters and oils, really working them into the body for an extra massage moment. A long bath before bed can also help relax your muscles after a long day. Why not try a bath bomb.


We’re big advocates of making CBD part of your everyday routine – especially when it comes to sleep conditions such as insomnia. Using CBD can help alleviate stress, anxiety and mind-racing thoughts, making it easier to relax whilst in bed and to help regulate circadian rhythms.

Build in a product that you know you’ll remember to use before bed – whether that’s a tincture you leave on your bed stand, an infused pillow spray or a massage oil.

Creating a routine is all about consistency – according to Healthline it massively varies how long it takes each person to create a routine. Habits form anywhere between 18 to 254 days (although on average it takes 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic). It’s all about starting slow and building CBD up into your routine to find what is right for you.