Which CBD Vape is Right for you? 

Whether you’re well experienced or completely new to vaping, entering the world of CBD oil can often be quite daunting. At Greenhaus we are here to guide you on your journey into CBD vaping.

We have specifically chosen a small range of products, designed to only bring you the most premium vapes on the market, whilst making your decision as easy as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an entry level, disposable vape or a permanent and viable alternative to smoking, we will have you covered.


Highkind Limited Edition 510 Thread CBD Cartridge

510 thread cartridges have become synonymous with vaping cannabis concentrates. The cartridges are specifically designed for holding and vaping thick oils, making them the perfect choice for vaping cannabis concentrates on the go. The ‘510 thread’ refers to the bottom of the cartridge, which screws on to a matching battery. In the CBD world, 510 thread cartridges are usually used to hold the most premium CBD oil, known as CBD distillate. Customers who are serious about their CBD should look no further. The full spectrum, uncut extract is rich in both cannabinoids and terpenes and works perfectly when housed within a 510 thread cartridge, such as our Vessel Series batteries and our Yukon Uni Pro batteries. Providing a flavour experience similar to real cannabis cartridges, CBD distillate is the obvious choice for smokers looking to replace their daily cravings. The pre-filled and disposable 510 thread cartridges are perfect for any customers who want to experience the true potential of CBD.

High Kind 510 Thread Vape Cartridges

The High Kind 510 thread vape cartridges are the connoisseur’s choice and have been our personal Greenhaus favourite from the first time we tried their products. Each cartridge contains the distilled cannabis oil from 5G of CBD Hemp Flowers and either the terpenes from 2.5G of CBD Hemp or Cannabis Sativa Flowers (The artisan cartridges contain carefully crafted botanical terpenes, instead of the hemp or cannabis sativa terpenes). Their single use cartridges are easily attached to one of our Vessel or Yukon Uni Pro Batteries for a discreet but permanent CBD vaping solution.

Produced within the UK, High Kind is the pinnacle of CBD products. High Kind’s entire process is about quality. The plants themselves, the extraction process and providing quality experiences, with a wide variety of flavours and terpene profiles, has been key to the success of High Kind. All products are organic and are third party tested, ensuring that only the highest standard of products ever reaches High Kind’s cartridges.

Infused Amphora 510 Thread Vape Cartridges

The Infused Amphora 510 thread vape cartridge approaches the CBD market from a different perspective. Instead of trying to replicate cannabis flavours or producing the most potent oil on the market, Infused Amphora focuses on the user and the benefits that they are looking to gain from the product. The cartridges pair high quality 20% CBD distillate with natural terpenes, that specifically target certain aspects of wellness. The result is a well thought out and crafted cartridge that is in our opinion the smoothest available cartridge on the market. With a range including peace, inspire and mend, Infused Amphora aims to expertly guide you towards the cartridge that is right for you. Their single use cartridges are easily attached to one of our Vessel or Yukon Uni Pro Batteries for a discreet but permanent CBD vaping solution.

Founded in 2018, Infused Amphora didn’t actually bring a product to market until 2020, showing their commitment to quality. First exploring the legal cannabis market in Canada, industry expert Angus Taylor has used his wealth of experience in an emerging cannabis market to bring a company to the UK that understands the complexities of an industry coping with regular law changes, along with constant new product development to suit those changes. The cartridges offered by Infused Amphora are perfect for anyone who wants the full benefits of CBD distillate with a flavour and a hit different to any other cartridges on the market.


Aspire Favostix small pod system at Greenhaus

Easy to use and simple to maintain, small pod vape systems are the perfect intermediary device for those customers who want a more permanent vaping solution than a disposable battery. The pod system refers to an all in one vaping device, containing a battery and an integrated small pod, which either come prefilled (Harmony Tempo), or empty, ready to be filled with your favourite vape liquid. The pod is easily detached, refilled and replaced, simply clicking back into place before vaping, to offer you an effortless solution to every day vaping. More closely aligned to nicotine vaping devices, filled with ‘e liquid’ and a variety of fun flavours, the small pod systems are perfect for; customers who are looking to switch from nicotine to CBD, customers who want to avoid cannabis flavours and anyone looking to keep standards high but costs low.

Harmony Tempo CBD Starter Kit

The Harmony Tempo CBD Starter Kit is the perfect option for customers wanting a discreet, daily use vape, that is a more permanent solution to the CBD FX disposable vape. The starter kit is an all in one pod kit that is ready to use straight out of the box. The kit is available in both a classics and originals flavour and comes complete with a battery, charger and 3 pre-filled pods ready to use. The pods can easily be refilled up to 5 times with your favourite e liquid or can just be replaced when empty. Each pod contains 1 ml of liquid with 100 mg CBD.  For the Greenhaus team, the highlight of the Tempo pod has to be the flavour.

Antonin Cohen, the founder of Harmony, started to study the usage of hemp in 2008 when he co-founded the first non-profit organisation dedicated to hemp sciences in France. Since then, he has had the chance to work with world-leading scientists, entrepreneurs, and activists building up a strong expertise in design and quality control for cannabinoid products. After many years of researching and a first CBD product launched in 2014, he’s dedicating his life to bring Harmony to the world. With a global presence, based in Barcelona, Paris, London and Lima, we chose Harmony not only due to the quality of their products but also due to their transparency. 

Aspire Favostix CBD Small Pod Vapes

The Aspire Favostix is the perfect option for beginner and intermediate vapers, who are looking for a more permanent solution to the CBD FX pens, or alternatively for those who are looking to switch from traditional nicotine containing vape’s to a CBD based solution. The Favostix comes complete with 2 small, empty pods, which can be easily filled with your favourite CBD containing e liquid. Each pod is good for around 5 refills before you will taste a difference and you should then replace your pod. 

The Aspire Favostix battery is both sturdy and discreet and comes in a selection of colours. The battery has an OLED display to show you both the battery level and the wattage (power), which can be adjusted to your personal preference. We recommend using the Aspire Favostix with our Harmony CBD liquid for a great all round flavour experience.


CBD FX disposable CBD vape at Greenhaus

Disposable cartridges are the perfect option for anyone who is either testing out CBD cartridges for the first time or, alternatively, just wants a one off CBD vape. Ready to use straight out of the box, we have hand selected the highest quality disposable vape cartridges on the market. Whilst disposable may once have been associated with cheap, low end products, there are a number of CBD companies who have recently proved that quality can be found in the disposable market.


The CBD FX disposable vape pens are easily the best entry level cartridges on offer. These pens are ready to go straight out the box and are perfect if it is your first time trying CBD. The pens have had a recent upgrade, now boasting not only an improved, more powerful battery but also a whopping 500mg of CBD isolate come in a variety of fun flavours and have 30 mg and 50 mg options, with the 50mg pens also being infused with hemp terpenes. They are good for around 200 puffs and are then disposed of once the pen has been used.

CBD FX launched in 2014 with a mission to create the highest quality and purest CBD products on the market. They have grown from their roots in San Fernando Valley, California, to becoming the third largest privately held CBD company in the world. Their disposable vapes have been reviewed in Cannabis magazines, such as Herb and their CBD is organically grown, extracted using the latest, solvent free, C02 methods and each product is third party batch tested for customer assurance.