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Energy Boost



Living the busy lifestyles we often find ourselves in today, it is not uncommon to find yourself lacking the energy you need to stay focused. People need help during the work day, leading to a dependence on sugar and caffeine just to get through the week. Some people need some extra help to complete their workout sessions and often rely on formulations containing caffeine, creatine and taurine. It is no secret that regularly high consumption of sugar and caffeine is not good for your health, however the same can be said for an overuse of creatine and taurine, which can have damaging long term effects on your liver. It is then no surprise that people are starting to look towards natural supplements for an energy boost and to help them stay on top of their game.

Cordyceps are the most commonly used natural energy boosters, as they have a clearly documented pathway of action, which shows us exactly how cordyceps deliver this boost to your body. Cordyceps can be used to increase stamina and provide a natural and fast energy boost that can be felt for several hours. The action for this energy boost has been studied and is reported to come from the fungi’s ability to increase maximum aerobic uptake within the body. Cordyceps work by increasing the maximal oxygen uptake in our body causing an increase in ATP availability. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is essential in energy delivery throughout our muscles, with improved levels of ATP causing a decrease in lactic acid build up, therefore offering a boost in stamina. Studies have shown an increase in VO2 max after cordycep containing supplements have been taken. V02 max is the maximum rate of oxygen consumption within our bodies, with highly trained athletes showing nearly double the levels of V02 max over a typical participant. The higher your V02 max levels are, the higher your endurance and recovery rates will be.

Due to these effects of Cordyceps, we recommend starting with a low dose, only increasing if you feel the need. You should also consider the time at which you take your cordyceps, as due to their energy boosting effects, some users can struggle to sleep if taking cordyceps late in the day.

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